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A Guide to Shopping for Antique Wedding Gowns

Antique wedding gowns have become incredibly popular, especially over the past few years or so in particular, and it is really not surprising, considering how gorgeous and elegant most antique wedding gowns are. Your Options If you are one of the many blushing brides out there that are interested in antique wedding gowns yourself, then there are a few options in particular that you are going to want to know about. The Vintage Wedding Dress Company for instance, which is a company that takes the hard work out of finding beautiful antique dresses. They offer a wide and varied selection of dresses for those women who want to wear something completely original at their wedding, and there are pieces from eras as diverse as the Victorian/20s/30s era, through to the early 70s, sourced from London to Paris and all throughout the United States. Before You Buy Before you rush out and buy any antique wedding gowns however, there are a few things that you are going to want to take seriously into consideration. For one, because an antique gown is going to be very old, it is going to be much more delicate, and has obviously already been through some wear.

Therefore, unlike a brand new wedding gown, you are going to have to take time to carefully inspect the dress, making sure that there are no obvious or drastic flaws. You always want to buy from a respected seller, preferably one that you already know, if possible, one that you can trust. Antique wedding gowns are typically much more costly than regular gowns, and so if you are going to be paying the extra money of course you are going to want to be sure that you are getting the highest quality possible. The best place to start looking for an antique wedding gown is at your local vintage stores, and remember to avoid buying any dresses that have stains or need repairs, especially since vintage fabrics are difficult to match with modern ones and so it is not very likely that if a dress needs repair you will be able to patch it or repair it satisfactorily. Also remember that you will typically not wear your regular dress size in a vintage or antique dress, because not only have people generally gotten taller and thicker, but as well the clothing industry in general has been gradually adjusting sizes downward. This is why you always want to try a dress on before you buy it, in order to make sure that it fits properly and that if there are any adjustments that need to be made that it will be possible to do so.

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