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Born to Be Wild at Bike Week

All across the United States there are thousands upon thousands of biker clubs. They each have one thing in common, and that is that they love to get together with other people with the same interest. Bikers seem to be instinctively pack creatures, traveling in herds more often than alone. Every year these clubs usually find one central place in their area that they can all meet for a week long festivity of nothing but motorcycles. These are always successful as well as a lot of fun, but in the end, these are nothing more than a shadow of the real event. There is not a biker out there that does not know exactly where the idea of a bike week came from, and not one that does not dream of going to the original one, the Daytona Beach Florida Bike Week.

This is the father of all biker festivals and the largest in the continental United States, if not the entire world. Bike Week is generally held around the end of February to the beginning of March, or somewhere in that time frame. As opposed to popular belief, the Daytona Bike Week festival is not merely one big event, but the universal conglomeration of a massive number of events. For example, in the upcoming year the first day will focus on the Riverfront Park area.

Here the big names, such as Harley Davidson, will have an exhibition of older bikes as well as the newer models. There will be food plaza available, live bands, and even a welcome center with brochures and memorabilia merchandise for sale. On that same day, Smiley's Tap Bar and Grill will be featuring an outdoor beer garden, vendors, and a buffet on Ormond Beach.

This is just the first day and two out of the almost forty different establishments that will be featuring something for the festival. You can imagine what the entire festival will consist of. There are a couple of things that you need to be prepared for before setting out on your bikers journey to Daytona Beach for Bike Week. The first is that there are thousands of people from all across the United States that are making the same journey as you. With this in mind, it is obvious that waiting until the last moment to make your hotel reservations is a very bad idea.

Most bikers start making reservations up to three months ahead of time, so if you want a good hotel room in a good location, you had better get a jump on everyone else and make your reservations up to four months early, six to be safe. Another aspect to consider is your eating arrangements. You have two options, one, you can take a chance at getting into any given restaurant by sheer luck.

On this option, keep in mind that the Daytona Restaurant business triples during Bike Week. That is to say that all restaurants are three times as busy as normal, and in a city the size of Daytona Beach, they are always extremely busy anyway. The odds of not having to wait two or three hours for a spot at a restaurant are not that good. Again, you can always call way ahead with reservations. The local fine dining establishments understand that bike week is a busy time and are willing to allow reservations months in advance.

Daytona is a city of all kinds of attractions, so even if you need a break from the motorcycle scene for a bit, there will be plenty to do. So throw your mate on the back of your bike and experience the ultimate bike rally at Daytona Beach Florida's celebrated Bike Week.



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