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Choosing Orchid Wedding Flowers

Today, more and more couples are using orchid wedding flowers to decorate for their wedding. Orchids, in nature, come in a variety of colors, shapes, and design, thus the reason for their popularity. No matter what theme you may have for your wedding, orchids will give add a bit of color that will enhance the beauty of any wedding. Orchid wedding flowers is seen quite often as decorations for the traditional white wedding cake. Many times, silk orchids are used to transform an ordinary white cake into a beautiful magical cake by using these exquisite flowers.

Orchids used on a wedding cake can be either real or silk with real orchids used around the cake as a decoration lying on the table or in vases. The choices for color is so varied that you may have a hard time choosing, you can use lavender, orange, blue, purple/white, or even yellow to adorn your wedding cake. The wedding bouquet is another place you can use orchid wedding flowers. You can choose to carry the orchids in a regular bouquet, as a nosegay, or as an arrangement that you cradle in your arm. If you plan to have a winter wedding use silk orchids and create a muff instead with beautiful orchids sewn to the muff to create a magnificent romantic feel.

You can also use orchid wedding flowers to decorate the building in which your wedding will be held. You can use silk or real flowers once again to adorn the chairs, columns, trees, patio, or just about anything. Add a bit of babys breath and tropical ferns and you have the setting for a tropical wedding. Other ways you can orchids to brighten up your wedding is to have the flower girl scatter petals of real orchids. You can also use orchids on the pillow that carry the rings.

The wedding rings could each be put on the stem of an orchid. The ring bearer could hand the flower that held the ring to either the bride or groom at the time it was needed. This would give your wedding a unique touch that other weddings do not have. Orchids speak the language of love and beauty and have throughout history. Using these exquisite tropical flowers for decorating your wedding will be fun, endearing and memorable not only to you but to your guest as well.

Remember, this is your special day and orchid wedding flowers will enhance the overall beauty and design of your wedding.

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