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Dating Advice for Women

Almost every day I coach women and give them dating advice about how to seduce men and find the one that you are truly meant to be with. What I have noticed though is that most women have the same questions. Here are the top questions that I get asked and just a few of the dating tips that I give them: How can I get him to notice me? The easiest way to get a man to notice you is to do the one thing that most women avoid - make eye contact. When a cute guy walks by, catch his gaze and hold it for a second then nod and smile.

This will definitely get his attention. How can I be more attractive to men? Smile more. It is a documented fact that smiling makes you instantly more attractive. In studies men were asked to rate how attractive a group of women were by their photos. The photos of women that smiled were all found significantly more attractive than in the photos where they didn't smile. Women who scored 5 in the unsmiling photos scored 8 or above in the photos where they smiled.

How can I get him to ask me out? Send out the body signals that you are interested. Meet his gaze, smile, play with your hair. Lean toward him when he speaks to you.

Touch his arm lightly and briefly when you lean in to make a point. How do I know if he is cheating? Check to see if his behavior toward you has changed. Is he bringing home gifts for no reason? Is he getting his stories mixed up? Is he diving for the cell phone or going into another room to use it? Have his office hours changed dramatically - a lot of late night meetings? Does he disappear for hours with no reasonable explanation? Has he suddenly become more suspicious of your behavior? All of these can be signs that he is cheating on you. How do I know if he really likes me? Is he finding ways of spending more time with you? Does he find excuses to touch you, call you? Does he really seem interested in what you have to say? Has he given up time with "the guys" to be with you? All clues that he may be in to you. How Can I attract men with my body language? There are several techniques that you can use: eye contact, playing with your hair, smiling slowly, the lip lick, crossing and uncrossing your legs, playing with a strategically placed piece of jewelry, etc.

Choose a combination that feels comfortable and natural to you. Practice the rest at home in front of a mirror until you feel confident, instead of silly. Is it really that easy to seduce a man? Yes. Most men are used to being rejected.

Many have no clue how to tell if we are interested or not. Deliberately putting out the signal that you are interested makes his job easier and ups your chances of being asked out by up to 80%. That is just some of the dating advice that I give to women.The more important dating techniques though are the ones my clients use to look, act and feel more confident.

We use specific visualization techniques and practice exercises. We also work on physical and emotional makeovers so that when you are ready to go out into the world with these techniques you are confident and ready to be asked out by attractive, intelligent, funny men. Being able to clearly visualize what your life will be like with the man of your dreams is the first step in finding and attracting him. The other techniques all help but if you can't picture yourself with a great guy who treats you like a queen then you won't project the confidence level that is required to attract this type of man. Set that as a daily task for yourself and prepare to be amazed at the results.

Caterina Christakos is published author and dating coach. For even more dating advice and tips go to: seductiondiva.com


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