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How to Be a Jerk and Succeed Wildly With Women

Have you ever seen a guy who acts like a jerk but still manages to go home with beautiful women? Well these guys know a secret which you can learn a lot from. What they know is that many women are attracted to men who successfully combine being a jerk with having a humorous personality. Often called "negging" or "cocky-funny", the idea behind this attitude is to act slightly arrogant while displaying intelligence and funny traits.

It works because you are letting women know that you are confident while humorous enough to be desired. If done correctly, this an incredibly powerful technique that makes girl instantly attracted to you. Here is how you can be the "funny/jerk" that women want. First you should always remember to balance the attitude of a jerk while remaining funny. By acting too arrogant, you'll end up repulsing women instead of attracting them. On the other hand, if you spend the whole time cracking jokes you'll end up looking like a clown.

Your goal is to carefully combine both attitudes and create the perfect "funny/jerk" personality. So how do you go about becoming a funny/jerk? To become a funny/jerk, it's important to create a certain attitude during your entire conversation with a woman. Your goal is to never making her completely comfortable when you are talking to her. This means you should tease her behavior or comments, and make her work for YOUR attention. It works like this: Whenever she says anything to you or asks a question, you come back with a comment that is funny, while slightly mocking her.

For instance, if a girl asks your name, you tell her that you can't reveal it, out of fear of her stalking you. What you want to do is constantly use humor to catch her off guard. Anything she says should be responded to in a funny, slightly arrogant manner. Furthermore, try to implement a bit of sexual innuendo into your comments. To create a successful "funny/jerk" attitude, need to work on altering your behavior in conversations with women.

You can do this by sitting down and thinking of everything that a woman will typically say during a conversation. Then work on creating witty responses to the standard topics that often come up. Your focus is to create different statements that will catch her off guard while putting you in a position of dominance. The best lines will be ones that are humorous and slightly negative.

These principle behind the "funny/jerk" works because you are creating value for yourself to women you encounter. By being a little arrogant, you are letting her know that you are confident in yourself and that she'll have to work to get your attention. My final piece of advice is to practice, practice, practice! Creating a "funny/jerk" attitude is all about knowing what to say in each situation.

At first, it may seem to go against the common thought of being "the nice guy" towards women. So in order to implement this attitude, you need to practice with women as much as possible. When I say practice with women, I mean you need to try to take advantage of every situation where you are talking to a girl.

Even if you don't want to pick them up, it's important that you use interactions with women to practice your comments and learn how to judge their responses. Simply by practicing at all times, you'll learn the fine art of being a "funny/jerk". As a result, you'll discover that your interactions with women will improve and you'll end up going home with more women.

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