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Long Distance Christmas Relationships

This Christmas, if you find that you are separated from the one you love it does not mean that you have to be lonely and sad over the holidays. There are plenty of ways to keep the romance high in a long distance love affair. If you are not normally separated and your lover is leaving on a business trip you have a chance to add some special presents to their going away bag. Send your woman or man away with some toys that you can surprise them with.

You might send a female with a vibrator or a clitoral massager. A man might end up finding a love doll or a masturbator. You could even add some racy photographs of yourself to show them what they will be missing while they are gone this holiday. If they will be gone on Christmas as well, you should add in a small present that they can open on Christmas. You have a number of options for communication when it comes to long distance love. Email and telephone time are the two most common methods of communication.

Of course, with the computer being so popular these days you can toy with the idea of using an Internet (web) cam for some added fun. Consider the following options as a way to feel a lot closer than you may be this Christmas. Telephone Time Set some time apart from your day when you can be alone together.

During the first phone call you can reveal the special present you left for your lover if they have not found it already. If it's late you might find yourself thinking about the moments you will be spending together soon and might find your lover using those toys for you or with you, while you use your own. This may not be the same as the real thing but it is certainly interesting enough to tide you over until you can be together and make love again. Another nice idea is to send your lover some romantic voicemail messages if you know they are going to be the only ones to hear them. You might go traditional and talk about your feelings or you might want to get racier and tell them how much you really do miss them this Christmas.

Email If you find yourself at the office or with a few minutes to spare and you know your lover has an Internet connection then you should send along an email. You could send a standard love note. You might also want to tell them what you are wearing, what you wish they were doing with you right that second, or how much you want to make love to them when they get home. Your lover will be thrilled to see your email, especially if it gives them something to think about while you are apart.

Chances are they will respond with a declaration all their own and soon you will be having a sexy email romance throughout the holiday until your lover comes home to you. Web Cam A person with practically no computer knowledge can set up a web cam. With that in mind, why not give your lover a special treat this Christmas while you are separated? Even if they do not have a web cam, as long as they have an Internet connection and an instant messenger program they will be able to see you. Imagine their excitement when they see a sexy strip tease and a one woman or man lovemaking show just for them!.

Shayla Moore is a writer for http://www.oasislingerie.com She has many intresting topics and ideas for all to read about. Check out more of her articles.


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