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Personal Lubricants Reviews

There are many different types of personal lubricants and just as many reasons that you would need them. Personal lubricants can pretty much be categorized into seven different types: desensitizing, flavored, hot, oil based, silicon, warming and cooling, and water based. Each type provides a different type of service for the user so it is important to figure out what you need from a lubricant and then go from there.

Desensitizing lubricants are designed to make sexual intercourse more fun and enjoyable for you and your partner. Many people enjoy personal lubricants to create more moisture when having intercourse or performing sexual acts, but some people need a lube that desensitizes the experience for them. This is for people who get too aroused during intercourse and need something to regulate their bodys response.

This type of lubricant allows men to maintain an erection longer while decreasing the sensitivity. Desensitizing lubricants work by providing a numbing feeling to the areas where the lube is applied. The lubricant should be applied directly to the shaft and tip of the penis to prevent premature ejaculation.

Flavored lubricants are purely for external use only and should never be applied anywhere internally. This type of lubricant is for fun and amusement only.

They are meant to increase the level of excitement in the bedroom or wherever you and your partner may be engaging in sexual acts. Some common flavors of lubricants are: sweet strawberry, warming cherry, cherry vanilla, strawberry kiwi, pina colada, mint, green apple, banana, peach and raspberry.

Silicon, oil and water based lubricants are all closely related, but water based ones tend to be more popular. Water based lubricants are water soluble which makes them much easier than silicon or oil based to clean up. Also, personal lubricants that are water based are highly compatible with the latex that is found in condoms. Silicon and oil based lubes tend to damage the latex material which renders them ineffective and leaves you susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Warming and cooling lubricants are exactly what they sound like; they change the temperature to the applied area. Warming lubes have become increasingly popular because they heighten the sensation during sexual intercourse for both you and your partner. Some people already get their temperatures raised during sex, so the thought of getting any hotter is not that attractive.

This is why companies have also begun to market a cooling formula for those that prefer that type of sensation. Choosing the right personal lubricant for you and your partner can ultimately make the difference between a steamy love session and a boring run through the motions.


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