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Play Backgammon Online for Fun or Money

Online Backgammon is rapidly gaining ground on the Internet as a popular game. As with other online games you can meet and play with people from all over the world. It's a great way to make new friends from some pretty far away, often exotic places. If you are an experienced backgammon tournament player you may wish to enter an online backgammon tournament straight away. Competition is there for any level of player.

If you are a beginner, never fear, you can still play and enjoy yourself as you learn. There are many players who will help you to learn and to improve your skill level. Once you are up to speed you can enter an online backgammon tournament. Online Backgammon tournaments are fun for everyone of all ages and skill levels. It's very enjoyable to see your game improve as you compete and learn from more experienced players.

The ancient game of backgammon is perfect for the Internet as you can compete in realistic "like being there" online backgammon tournaments from the comfort of your own home. Playing poker online has become quite popular in recent years and many online poker players are finding that also playing in backgammon tournaments is a rewarding change of pace. Unlike Poker, Backgammon is a game of constant action. In poker a decent player will fold about 85% of the time. While one can learn a lot about the betting patterns and behavorial tip offs of your fellow players and opponents by watching what's going on after you fold most players would really rather still be in the hand.

Those who always have to be a part of the action are not good players. Backgammon is played head to head. That means there is always something to be thinking about as it is your turn as soon as your opponent has completed his move. Gammon is a game of constant action as you are always making a move or getting ready to make a move, and your move is determined in part by the outcome of your opponents move.

So there is always something to be doing. Backgammon games tend to last a long time compared to a Poker hand. Poker hands last for a few minutes while a good Backgammon game is more like baseball --- it can go on for quite a long time. Just how long is never known at the start of the game. One other thing that Backgammon has in common with baseball is that it is possible to make amazing comebacks, like the baseball team that is down by five runs in the bottom of the ninth and makes a fantastic comeback to win the game. That makes for exciting play.

Chances are if you are a serious Poker player you will love Backgammon. Not that you would ever give up Poker. But a change of pace is good for everyone now and then. A break from Poker by playing another exciting but different game can refresh your mind a bit and give you a mental boost the next time you play Poker. Backgammon tournaments bring enthusiasm and excitement to people worldwide, enabling professional and amateur players to play against each other in a geographically boundless environment. You will soon find that online backgammon tournaments are a lot of FUN.

David is an Internet business developer who works from Thailand. His newest project is Terrific Hotels
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