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Playing the Illinois Lottery

You will never run out of new games to play with the Illinois state lottery. The IL lottery provides players with a variety of options in the way of drawing and instant-win games, including the popular multi-state Mega Millions Lottery. The Mega Millions Lottery offers the biggest payout of any Illinois lottery games, ranging anywhere from two to several hundred million dollars. The Illinois Lotto game offers slightly smaller payouts, with the base jackpot being two million dollars. The Illinois Lotto holds drawings three times a week, and it costs one dollar to play two games. To win, you have to pick six different numbers between one and fifty-two.

You can pick these Illinois lottery numbers yourself, or you can ask for a Quick Pick where the computer will pick them for you randomly. When you purchase a ticket, you must specify whether you want it for the Monday, Wednesday or Saturday drawing. You can find an Illinois lottery result on television, in the newspaper or on the IL lottery website. Illinois also has several lower prize drawing games, including Pick Three and Pick Four, with jackpots of five hundred dollars and Numbers Now, where you can win up to five thousand dollars extra when you play Pick Three and Pick four.

The Pick Three and Four games cost fifty cents each to play, and adding the Numbers Now game is an additional one dollar. In addition to the drawing games, the Illinois lottery also has a variety of instant win scratch-off games available. It can cost anywhere from one to twenty dollars for these games depending on the odds of winning and on the amount of the grand prize.

There are twenty-four different scratch-off games available from the Illinois state lottery, and if you have a winning Illinois lottery result you can claim your prize instantly. This makes scratch-offs one of the most popular ways to play the IL lottery. The Illinois lottery also offers a "Set for Life game. The player must submit $30.00 worth of non-winning lottery tickets for an annual drawing. This lottery is also called the "Second Chance".

This is a good way to turn non-winning tickets into cash. Prizes are $100,000.00 for life, the cash equivalent of a new car lease for life, or, a luxury vacation for life. The Illinois lotto offers players a chance to win from 2 to 3 million dollars and costs $1.00 for 2 games. Illinois participates with several other states in the Mega Millions lottery.

Money from the Illinois lottery goes to winners, education, and a very small amount goes to vendors.

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