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Safety First in Establishing Online Dating Relationships

Online dating can be a lot of fun and lead to a lot of dates. There are some areas about safety and common sense when using a online dating site. It is good to take caution in the some of the following areas. The first area is not considered for a lot of people using online dating sites. One should protect your computer from hackers and viruses.

It is good to have a firewall and anti-virus protection for your email and for when you search web sites and interact online. At the bare minimum, you may want these two solutions that are offered at no charge to home computer users Zone Alarm and Free Anti-Virus Download: Avg Anti-Virus software. Just do a search for these on google. One can purchase good anti virus software like norton at any computer shop too. Take care of yourself, too, by choosing good dating sites. Seek and choose a reputable online dating service.

It is good to begin by asking around with friends, neighbors, co-workers and others you may know who have tried online dating, and see which places they recommend. Some sites charge a lot if you are a man. Generally the women does not have to pay in using an online site as many men will contact her and they usually have to pay for email details. There are free alternatives if you live in a large city.

Some online sites are free and these are worth trying first. Set up a yahoo or hot mail email and do not place any personal details on your profile. For single mums, do not list your kids ages. There have been stories of men chatting up single mums to gain access to their teenagers.

Avoid giving our your phone number until you feel safe. IT is a great idea to meet in a public place for the first date. A good place is a coffee shop and it is good to select this that is not so close to where you live. If you are a woman, ask the date where he works and ring them to check he is not lying. If he is lying, why date him as this is a bad indication.

A lot of men and women lie about their age. Some online sites verify the age by use of ids when signing up. A lot of women have misleading photos that are years younger. So take care.

Arm your computer, and yourself- with the correct tools and knowledge!.

Maurice Tate is a qualified councillor who specializes with couples. Learn to read body language and understand body language and interpret body language.


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