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Ukrainian Food Never Say You Are On A Diet

Any relationship can be quite challenging, but when dating someone from another country, culture and background, you may have to deal with such obstacles as language barrier, cultural differences and luck of knowledge on your fiancee's perceptions, both about major life issues and about the little nothings of life. Therefore, learning more about Ukrainian cuisine and drinking habits would provide you with good start in your relationship. Ukrainians are very hospitable and giving and could spend so much time working in their kitchens to ensure that their visitors will not want for anything, especially food.

So the first dating tip I want to share with you is expect to be stuffed with the sumptuous meal that your fiancee's mother will feed you. Do not ever say you can not eat anymore or that you are on a diet because they will think you are not welcoming their hospitality or, worse, that you dislike the food and you put little importance in their endeavour to welcome you. Ukrainians have very delicious and exotic foods. Among the famous Ukrainian dishes that they will surely regale you with are Borshch (beet soup), Vareniki (sort of Ravioli), Nalisniki (pancakes), Golubsti (cabbage rolls) and Salo with garlic (Pig's fat). Some of these you may find to your liking, but the others you would not even touch with a ten-foot pole. So another dating tip coming up: be ready with some polite reason why you cannot eat some of the foods served to you.

Be creative with your answers or it could spell doom for your relationship with her family. We know that in most European countries and in the US, nobody eats pure pig's fat. But plainly told to your fiancee's family, will not do you any good. So think ahead of time for some inspired reason why you cannot take part of some of the foods. Now let us to go to drinking habits.

Generally, Ukrainian men drink a lot, preferring vodka or cognac. In fact this one of the reasons why Ukrainian women prefer to marry foreign men. So if you really want to pursue your Ukrainian dating, follow Tip No.

3: Stay sober and do not regale your date with your misadventures in your country's local pub house. A number of ladies in Ukraine also take alcohol, particularly during certain occasions, such as dates or parties, which to them is quite acceptable. However, some ladies make their fiancee a condition never to take even a drop of alcohol at all. When visiting your lady's family, it would be a good idea to discuss this matter with her before you offer her any alcohol, or when you get ready to go and visit her family. If she is not flat against it, you may get a bottle of good vodka, cognac or wine for her family or her father.

Finally, in any case restrain yourself to taking only a few drinks, no matter how generously her family offers you to take more. Abiding by these tips will enable you develop a good rapport with your fiancee and avoid conflicts in your relationship.

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