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Understanding The Role Of Wedding Speeches

All wedding receptions have three main speeches. First of all, there is the speech given by the father of the bride. After the father of the bride, it is the turn of the bridegroom to give a speech. Lastly, it is the turn of the best man.

Father Of The Bride's Speech The father of the bride is usually called upon by the best man in order to propose a toast to the bride and the groom. However, it is normal for the relatives and close friends of the recently married couple to say a few words on behalf of the bride. After this, the father of the bride will show his appreciation of the bride and bridegroom in his own words. All this is followed by a toast offered to the couple. Bridegroom's Speech The typical bridegroom's speech can be used as an opportunity to thank their parents for all the years of love and care while they were growing up and their continued support later on in life.

You should also thank them for all their blessings that you have received concluding with their blessing your wedding. Sometimes there can be members of the family or close friends who are not able to attend due to various reasons. Remember these people and wish them a fast recovery. Also remember those who are unable to attend due to less severe reasons. It is not necessary to exclude the common attendees. Thank everyone for their help on this very important day on which the love and support of all those around you is vital.

Also, don't forget to thank your parents-in-law as they are the ones who gave birth and raised your wonderful wife to be. Otherwise, there won't be her. And lastly. Best Man's speech There is a good probability that by the time the father of the bride and the bridegroom are done with their speeches, the atmosphere will be heavy with all kinds of sentiments. If you are called upon to give a wedding speech as the best man, then judge the situation and accordingly try to make your own speech lighthearted and fun. It has almost become an expected outcome that the best man's speech will be full of humor and stories from the past.

It doesn't matter if a lot of people already know of the things you are speaking. Sharing them through words on this occasion makes a big difference to the overall tone. After all, with all the customary thanks already been said by the father of the bride, and the groom, yours should be an end to be remembered by having doses of humor and reflection of your time with the groom. However, what is funny to you might be embarassing to the groom and his family.

Try not to use intimate doses in your toast. It might just land the groom in hot soup on his wedding day.

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