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What If Your Relationship Could Be
By James Sniechowski and Judith Sherven

Imagine—the richest relationship you could ever have. What would that be like?

Envision—a relationship in which conflicts, even fighting, don't drive you apart but deepen the connection between you.

Picture—the sheer joy of discovering a love that thrives on the ordinary experiences of everyday life and is more passionate and spiritually satisfying than your most lavish fantasy.

Trust—you can keep romance alive no matter how long you are together!

Is that a relationship you want?

Not only is a love like this possible, but it's available to you right now. All you have to do is be willing to change your mind.

Consider the Following

  • What if you and your partner were freely and lovingly open to the differences between you?
  • It's easy to love what's familiar. But when you open to the ways your partner is not you, and your partner does the same, that's the gift of differences—to be loved for who you really are!
  • What if you could find the most sincere intimacy at the heart of your differences?
  • You get to know more about yourself and one another as you grow together.
  • What if your relationship could reveal the source of a larger future than you've yet imagined?

What each of you brings to your relationship that is different from what you both already know provides you with the opportunity to learn. That automatically creates a larger future than you could have imagined or created alone.

  • What if your conflicts could be a source of support and security, rather than the kiss of death?
  • In every conflict, each of you has some different piece of the truth. In a productive conflict, you have to recognize and appreciate your own truth as well as your partner's and come to a resolution that benefits both of you.
  • What if your differences could be the doorway to spiritual growth and mutual fulfillment?
  • Spiritual growth is about becoming more and more conscious, about a genuine regard for the differences that make others who they are. That leads you to a deeper sense of connection and appreciation for the rich diversity of all of life.
  • What if you could have a continually changing yet completely committed love?
  • It's essential that you embrace the reality of change. Otherwise you will stifle if not cut off the emotional bond and spiritual energy between you and your partner. Then you’ll become bored, and your love will die.
  • What if you and your partner were sure you could create an intimate, loving relationship?

Your relationship would be like a work of art, an expression of each of you individually, of the two of you together, and of the oneness you share when you let your love lead.

When you take the time to understand and explore these keys to lasting love, your exploration can be a source of new intimacy for you—both of you—an intimacy that allows you to be loved for who you really are.

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